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Coolfile's .W3D Importer
An addon that allows W3D files to be imported into Gmax/RenX. It also works with 3DS Max, according to the following instructions submitted by Tsumetai: "It works fine with 3DS Max (5 and 7 for sure, I don't know what you have). Just put it in [MaxFolder]\Scripts\Startup folder. In Max itself, go to the menu Customize>Customize User Interface. Click the "Menu" tab. On the right, you should see +File, +Edit, +View etc. The Plus signs are rollouts, find the location amongst the menus you want the W3D Import command to go (I put it right next to "Import File" in the "File" menu). From the "Action" list on the left, find "CoolFile W3D Importer" and drag it to the location on the right where you want it in the menus."
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