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This small, intense 2 vs 2 map was created with unique strategies, unique strengths and weaknesses in mind for each player/team.

The map's core revolves around an abandoned (neutral) nuclear power plant.
It can be captured - but also very easily destroyed...There are also a decent amount of oil derricks on the east side of the map.

Middle of the map is where most of the ore is. Each starting player spawns in a different corner of the map, but they have to choose wisely.

The team in the west has more space to expand and more room to build their base, but they are way more open to attacks because of this openness.

They start with more gems close to their base, because they are much farther from the oil derricks and the big ore spot.

The other team has access to - very limited - water for a naval base and can defend their base way more easily because of the bridges. They are also closer in proximity to
the various oil derricks in the game. But beware! The northern team has a secret passage in the north to defend, while the team in the south is isolated from the rest.
Yet, the latter has a lighthouse it can fortify. These unique and different starting positions will decide much of the strategy for each player.
The - very explosive - neutral power plant, so close to the oil derricks, gives a nice intense feeling to battles!

Tested with AI and this was a blast to play!

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Max Players: 4
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