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AOD Pasha Challanges You (4P) v_00
Map Name: AOD Pasha Challanges You (4P) v_00
Release Date: Feb 2019
Author Name: Pasha
Author Mail:
Author Website:
Max. Players: 4
Game: C&C Generals: Zero Hour
Type of Map: Art Of Defense (AOD)
Description: Pasha challanges you, do not lose your command center and try to survive on battlefield against GLA attacks.

This AOD map for 1-4 players vs 1 AI (GLA), you can play even alone.
AI must be GLA and placed at middle of map.

There are 4 bases; AI does not attack to no human base. Do not spent your sources to defend no human player’s area.
Players do not have options for difficulty of map as Easy, Medium and Hard Army.
You are defeated if you lose your command center.

AI is not attacking non-player areas and not attacking to defeated player areas.
There are 10 Ground Waves, 3 Air Strikes, 3 Amphibious Landing Attacks, 3 Brutal Pasha Tunnel Sneak Attacks and 1 Air Drop Attack.
Every attack is made by 3 alternative teams randomly and their units upgraded.
This map is first time more than one GLASneakAttackTunnels at same time used on AOD map. Therefor we called it Pasha Tunnel.

The attacks of enemy troops will come from the middle of the map.
The enemy air strikes will come by the sea. Who knows, where Amphibious Landings and Sneaks will come.

Pasha is very angry with the laser generals and set some limitations to make their life difficult.

I thank I^Love^Mixery, Legionnaire who provided technical support and I would like to thank my colleagues who have been testing.

Players must survive on battlefield until "Time to VICTORY: 00:00".

If a player is defeated if player lose Command center or if player cannot survive Until "Time To VICTORY" become "00:00".

Please do not hesitate to contact with me about bugs and my mistakes on map.


I wish you good luck and have fun Generals.
Please sent your opinion and feedback about map.

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Max Players: 4
Author: Pasha   

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