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Weapon Research Facility
If start in the base, you can control
GDI - Steel Talon - ZOCOM
NOD - Blackhand - Marked of kane
Scrin - Reaper-17 and Traveler-59

Special unit

"2 Miniorcas"
"4 V-35 Ox and Carryall with 6 slot"
"1 Heroic avatar"
"4 Heroic orcas"
"4 Heroic venoms"
"4 Heroic firehawks"
"4 Heroic vertico bombers"

Full base control
Impenetrable base defense
Unused Life Form Plant and Terraforming Nexus(i found in worldbuilder)
EMP and Mutant Hovel

Start with 1000000$ and unlimited power

(English isn't my first language and this is my first map)

Hope you enjoy!!! :D
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Max Players: 4
Author: nick54010   

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