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SuperBoggyGoverlord v1.1
Name: SuperBoggyGoverlord v1,
Date Created: 11/4/2017
Last Updated: 11/11/2017
Made By: FireRainV {GameRanger: {"-Fire[R]ainV^"}}

How To Play?
1) All players need to be on the same team (No AI Player Needed).
2) The map allows up to 8 players to play.
However, the starting place is too small to fit all of you but you can also build outside.
There's Supply Pile per every player (3 players = 3 Supply Piles) worth 30K per one.
3) The Objective is simple, DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES!
(The GLA, USA & China choosed to work together to beat thier worst enemy, The Players!)
4) General Powers are unlocked with time.
5) Setting the starting cash to $5000 will award you with the cheatcode of infinite money!

Difficulty: Hardcore!
The AI has NEAR-INFINITE money.
The AI spam ENDLESS amount of units (not including dozers/workers).
The AI re-build everything UNLIMITED amount of times!!! [Starting like the player].
(Command Center re-build once & SW re-build twice)
The AI is smart attacking.
All General Powers are unlocked! (It takes some time).

About EasterEggs:
There are 3 different EasterEggs at this map:
1) The Overlord REVENGE: At the bottom-right corner of the map there's a overlord very damaged.
This overlord is same as any other overlord. however, when destroyed, the GOD OVERLORD at the red
area of the map will start attacking anyone with max upgrades guns and all SuperWeapons!
If you triggered this overlord, you will also have to beat it to win the game.
This overlord going from base to base and rekt everything for 12 minutes long!
After 12 minutes the overlord GOES SU... (no spoilers xD)
After that, the Super Weapons attacks stop and it varnearable to damage including stealing.
You can take the overlord's child to his father to get 20K hitpoint MAXED overlord without the SW.
(Both Overlords cannon be transported by anything to make things fair)
2) BOGGIES (Rocket Buggy): At the middle-right of the map there's a Ox which can be killed
(Use AOE Force-Attack).
When killed, a rocket buggy will spawn at the TOP-MOST of the beach unmanned (Sniped).
When controlled, a spawner will spawn at the red area of the map which will spawn ENDLESS
upgraded rocket buggys which will guard your rocket buggy.
If destroyed, all buggys will get destroyed (1 for All).
3) SUPER DOZER: At the players' base there is a big supply pile which can be targeted and destoryed.
(You should wait until the supply pile is empty).
When destroyed, a nuke with harmless radiation will blow up in there and after 7 secounds,
an unmanned (Sniped) dozer will spawn there.
The dozer is useless unless the Nuke General nuclear reactor at the top-middle of the map was
captured by any player.
When the dozer is active, it will allow you to build any type of base defenses and Super Weapons.
The supply center includes some different upgrades for your defenses and other EasterEggs.

Good Luck & Have Fun! :)
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Max Players: 8
Author: FireRainV   

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