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Humanity Last Hope ; Version 1.0
This map is inspired by Super-G's Liberty Map

A zombie mod outbreak, made by AdrianeMapMaker

Feel the power of the GLA; they are destroying your Ally's Bases one by one ...

The Story:

The world has suffered a big virus outbreak. This virus has killed many people, and practically turned society into brutal cannibalistic savages, but there are still some survivors. These who are left have built walls over a mountain within Canada. The United States has kept as many survivors as they could.
The Chinese also helped, by giving the US powerful gattling cannons throughout out the United States base.

However, the GLA somehow wasn't killed by the virus; instead, they have used it to their advantage. You had better prepare for on onslaught, General.

... Spoiler Alert...
There will be a big boss on this map!

There will be a hardcore mod (that was used in this map) available in the topic: (Download The Latest Newest Map Made By Adriane Topic) on the Forums

Date Released:3/1/2017
Made Officially By Adriane
Any Suggestions Email Me At (
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Author: adrianemapmaker   

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