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Grave Mountain
A recent widow looks down upon the tombstone of her significant other. Her mind racing with thoughts and memories, but one constantly reared it's head and grabbed her attention. It was a thought that she should have acted sooner, that she was too late. She remembers pleading over the phone for her husband to come back, even though he could not return to her even if he wanted to, he was already boarding the Chinook helicopter to go to war. If she had said earlier, with more emotion and dread, but instead she took his word that everything would be okay and that he would be home before spring comes. She curses at the 'war of liberation', what a stupid war, and for what purpose. Why did they have to invade, why did they have to take her beloved.

As she stands, thinking about many things but not moving or even crying, she fails to acknowledge the sounds of the tanks charging towards her.


Grave Mountain is a 2 player, 1 vs 1 style map. The North and South player areas are separated by the grave mountain, with multiple different paths to take to your enemie's base. The mountain is setup so to encourage the players to take as much of the map's territory as possible to capture the oil derrick at the summit, and occupy the bunkers near the entrance of each of the bases.

Do not take for granted the mountainous terrain, the supplies scattered around the map, and the 3 oil derricks situated in a line at the center. reaping these rewards can be the keys to absolute victory.

Strike hard General, and without mercy.
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Max Players: 2
Author: SUPER-G   

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