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Generals 10th Birthday Bash
1. Paradise Lost

- 2 players max
- 4 Tech buildings: 2 oil derriks and 2 oil refineries
- Lots of building space
- 1 town at the bottom of the map, and 1 abandonned base at the top of the map, has the 2 oil refineries
- A large mountain in the middle in which you can go on, has the 2 oil derricks
- Detailed
- Ai work fine

2. Tournament River

- 4 players max
- lots of building space
- A city in the middle of the map has 2 oil derricks
- There is only 1 way in each other's bases
- Ai work great
- Detailed
- Plenty of supply docks

3. Cliffhanger
- 4 players max
- Lots of building space
- 2 oil derricks
- High elevation divides the north and south, has the 2 oil derricks
- There is only 1 way into the north and south
- The object is for 1 layer to defend and the other to gather strength
- AI work great
- 1 supply dock on each side, you have to share it with your teammate, but it is $1000000000 worth of boxes

There is a trailer of the beta and 2 in-game videos of the beta.

4. How to install

Extract all files to:

My Documents > C&C Generals Data > Maps (save here)

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