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GDI NORAD Air Defense
This all original Blue Zone (Large) 4 Player Skirmish Mega Map that takes place somewhere in northern North America. This map is loosely based off of a massive airport next to Canada's NORAD in North Bay.

This map is HUGE, if you like large interesting maps like "Blacks Big Battle" then you may enjoy GDI_NORAD_Air_Defense. It's as balanced as they come.

Update: I have recently updated the Map with trucks driving down the roads; I have also added more detail and fixed some texture issues.

All Map units are neutral so don't worry about them, worry about your opponent.

This is a predominately GDI themed map. GDI fans enjoy. This is the second TW map I have ever uploaded, I hope you have as much fun playing it as I did creating it.


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Max Players: 4
Author: factory2000   

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