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Yuri Walkway 1
Editor: Final Alert 2: Yuri Revenge
Map Name: Yuri's Walkway 1
Version: 1.0
Series: Walkway's
Map Size: 110 x 110
Players: 4
Theatre: Temperate
File Size: 265 Kb
Money: 71,000
Assets: 1 Spysat, 4 Nuke Power Stations
4 Airports, Oil Derricks

Scenario: This battle is fought on an Isometric group of 4 island chains joined together by a series of wooden bridge walkways. In the center of the island group stands a single rocky island with a Spysat complex. The key to this battle is to take control of the Spysat; thus allowing you to oversee the war.
Each Island chain has a nuclear power plant and airport. There are several oil derricks separated from the main body of islands. There are also plenty of gems to be mined, though assets are rare to start with from your initial positions; forcing you to move out and explore quickly to maintain expansion.

You must constantly repair the bridges to cross over to the next island i
However, there is still plenty of room for you to allow for some seaborne engagements. There are landing sites for invasion on enemy islands, and visa versa. This can cause some sneak attacks so be aware! s

Take control of the oil fields situated beyond the island chains, especially if you can hold enemy assets.

Have fun and enjoy.
File Size: 136.3 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 4
Author: qwertyuiop   

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