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Technology theft
Technology Theft, huh? It has been soon out 1 year and it is still pretty known and popular! If you don't
know about that map and you have been in ra3 more then year, who the heck are you?

The story of Technology Theft is simple. It is peaceful night at a large base. Unfortunately, a twist of
events is about to unfold. The base got news that their commando is arriving. When the commando is inside
the base, the truth is was actually an enemy spy who bribed the army, and took control of
the base! Next thing you know, 2 players control the whole base with a facility (which contains extremely
powerful technology). The mission of controlling the base is not too difficult, but controlling the facility
is another story. The players need thirty minutes to hack into the facilities information bank and send the
data to their allies. This means that the 2 players need to protect this oversized facility for 30 minutes.
If they can, they are successful. HOWEVER, at the same time, all 4 players who owned that stolen base have
an MCV outside of the facility, and they are gunning to recapture what they lost! If they take the base back
over, and hack into the intelligence, they will win!

Well, if you think that this is it, then you are wrong! It countains Coop against computer aswell. Team up
with your friend and protect facility from computer as long as possible. So far strongest settings (and best settings)

PS: Strongest combinations are:
ground (where bridges lead) - both japanese
Air (where bridge doesnt lead - Allied
Water (where is defender water build area) - doesn't madder...

And in this newest version 1.5, visual is now much more beatiful and greater thanks to SPIDER_PIG_ROCKS!

Host and wait, because it will be full pretty quickly, and we'll meet you on the battle field!
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Max Players: 6
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