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[Extreme] Buggy Survival v5
Like on AoD maps, enemy units will be spammed onto the map. Your objective is to survive and destroy each wave. To do this, your team got 12 GLA rocket buggies and 4 Jarmen Kells, which will be divided amongst the players. At least one buggie must survive.

A recored game on this map (v5 RC1) is available on youtube:

To set the map difficulty, set the USA both to either normal, hard or brutal. Each level of increasing difficulty will add more challanges. Here you have a short overview:
* Normal: You will be faced with 8 waves containing small amounts of units.
* Hard: The 8 waves will contain more units and periodic airstrikes make it vital to pay attention.
* Brutal: The 8 waves will have even more units, and 2 extra, very hard, waves will follow.

For more info, instllation instructions and tips, see the included readme file.
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Max Players: 4
Author: [RTS]BN+VS*   

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