C&C Labs Trivia Contest


As you might have guessed, at C&C Labs and C&C Generals World, we're big fans of C&C lore. We've investigated the characters, explored Red Alert in great depth, and examined some of the secrets of Tiberium. But we know that you C&C fans have years of experience playing and thinking about the games. We want you to share your knowledge with other fans and with us. So we've created the C&C Labs trivia contest.

So what do you know? Got a great C&C fact tucked away in the far recesses of your mind? Come across a neat plot point or quote in the FMVs? Find something cool in the thick Tiberian Sun manual? Know a fun fact about the C&C development team at Westwood or at Electronic Arts? Think Blbpaws missed something when writing about the origins of C&C? Tell us in the form of a C&C trivia question, and you could win some great prizes!

Entering is easy and open to anyone. The C&C Labs Trivia Contest runs from October 1st, 2008 to October 15th, 2008.  Send an email to trivia@cnclabs.com with the following information:

  • Your screenname
  • Your question
  • The answer
  • A source for the answer, if you'd like (we must be able to verify the answer of your question--obviously, the odds of us being able to verify it go up significantly if you tell us where to look)

Note that Generals World and C&C Labs staff members are not eligible to participate.

Your question will be judged by staff members for C&C Labs. It will be judged according to the following simple rubric:

  • 50% Creativity/Intrigue
  • 50% Difficulty

We want tough, creative, and interesting questions. You can enter up to five (5) questions per person.

Electronic Arts is sponsoring this contest to promote their C&C Deluxe edition, featuring C&C 3: Tiberium Wars and its expansion, Kane's Wrath in one pack. They are giving us the following prizes:

  • 3rd prize winners: 1 Kane Lives Shirt, 1 copy of Deluxe Edition
  • 2nd prize winners: 1 Kane Lives Shirt, 1 coffee mug, 1 copy of Deluxe Editon
  • 1st prize winners: Personally autographed photo by Joe “Kane” Kucan”, 1 Kane Lives Shirt, 1 Tiberium Wars shirt, 1 travel mug, 1 copy of Deluxe Editon, 1 copy of Saga

If you win, we will contact you for shipping information and Electronic Arts will ship your prizes.



1st Place
(tie): Wadprime and Apoptygma
Both submitted the question. "From which movie did Westwood get the original concept of Tiberium?" 
Highlight the text to the right or head to their source to find out more: The Monolith Monsters

3rd Place: Team Black
He submitted: "In vanilla Tiberian Sun (without firestorm installed), there was a code word that made visceroids appear as red blobs in skirmish. What was this code word?"

Highlight the text to the right or go to his source to find out more: PENGO

Honorable Mention: darthcodeman
He submitted, "In a certain Allied mission of Red Alert 2, there was a certain object, according to the Red Alert canon, that should not have been there.  What was this object?"
Answer: The Arizona Memorial.  Because of Hitler's removal, WWII never happened, and therefore, Pearl Harbor would have never been bombed.

Thanks to Blbpaws, CommieDog, and Mike for judging!