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Animating the Model

You may now wish to edit the animations for the new gun so that they look right in-game, since at the moment the extra gun is still and away from the model.

First, import the animation you want to edit. For this tutorial I am going to use the _RNA.W3D running animation.
Note: The ranger has a _RNB.W3D animation file that is the animation for when the ranger begins to run. If you don't edit this file as well, then the running animation when he starts running may look odd.

The full list of the Ranger's animations can be seen here.

Note: When the model is firing (in-game), if you can see the actual picture of the MUZZLEFX then untick "Export Geometry" in the W3D Export Settings for that model and export again.

Now go to File, Export, and locate the W3D folder. Export the file as [unit]_SKN.W3D (AIRNGR_SKN.W3D for the Ranger) and press save. Make sure the screen looks exactly like this:

Trying to animate the bones by looking at them by themselves can be annoying and confusing. To overcome this, use the WWSkin binding technique from page five to apply the model to the bones again. This makes animation much easier.

To do this, select all the bones in the scene, then right-click and select "Hide All." Now import the _SKN file and hide the model, deleting everything else. Copy the model using the method described on this page (ignore the references to the error). Remeber to delete the original model, create a new WWSkin, and add the needed bones. "Bind spacewarp" the model with the WWSkin. Then "Auto-Link" the bones. The scene should look fine now.

To create the animation, just select the bones and click the "Animate" button in the lower-middle/right section of the screen. Then move the bones, but be sure not to move them unless the animate button is selected.

Exporting the Animation

Now to actually export the animation. Select "Unhide All" and delete everything aside from the necessary bones. Make sure that only "Export Transform (Bone)" is selected in the W3D Tools Options dialog. Now click File, Export, select W3D and save the file as [unit]_RNA.W3D (AIRNGR_RNA.W3D for the Ranger).

Make sure the screen appears exactly as shown below:

Congratulations, that should be everything!

Have fun making new infantry!

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