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In this mission you play as China with GLA allies helping you with cash to defeat the laser general, Towns.
There are two maps in this folder, one for normal difficulty and the other for hard/brutal.
Thanks to everyone who helped in the making of this map.
Good luck and have fun!
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Author: UTD^Force   

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Try your skills vs the forgotten General of the United States, General Ironside.

China has located one of Ironside's TechLabs and you have been sent out to destroy it. However, your tech is limited which won't make this an easy task.
File Size: 84.8 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: ViTeXFTW   

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The government of Uzbekistan has asked UN forces for military assistance against the threat of GLA near the border with Afganistan.
File Size: 356.1 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: midlechips1   

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-----Mountain Guns-----
A mission for Zero Hour

"Please read the mission brief that comes with the game before playing"

You play as Colonel Burton who has just crashed his plane in the Himalayas and has to find his team, then escape these treacherous mountains from the GLA.

Known Bugs:
-When playing this map for the First Time, Pathfinder’s & Colonel Burton’s weapon may not function after reaching the plane and gaining radar.

-While playing this map or restarting, there is a small chance that your game might spontaneously crash. Save often to prevent data loss.

This map is the sequel to The Western Front and the prelude to Secret Mountains. And part of a new storyline.

With a special thanks to SkyMix_RMT for his feedback and playtesting. AdrianeYves[DeathScythe] for your great support, testing and guiding me through the final stages of development, and to UnknownEditor for your own modifications and creative input. Thank you C&C labs and all the people there for posting bug fixes and INI modifications.

And, always, thank you Beng and MajorDamage.

------To Contact me------

Do you need help during the game? Found a bug?
My email address is:
Or get a quick reply on Discord: Newgate#0636

Feel free to take what Modifications you need as long as you credit me.
This map and INI was made by Ben Burgoyne, AKA Newgate.

Date Reviewed:1/11/19
Date of Submission : 1/10/19
File Size: 593.7 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: Commander Newgate   

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Map Pack : General Challenge

I'm proposing the General Challenge Map Pack who regroup 7 Challenges :

VS Granger
VS Tao
VS Kassad
VS Alexander
VS Townes
VS Thrax
VS Kwai
VS Leang
Info : You will have to modify these maps before playing them :

In fact, if you don't modify it, you will have nothing in the battle even a Command Center & a Dozer/Worker

Go to World Builder, open the map you want

Edit> Edit Player List

You will have to choose the General you want to play (Example: I want to play Townes against Alexander or Tao vs Thrax)

Place a Command Center & a Dozer/Worker of the Chosen General

You are ready to play your favorite General Challenge

Info: Each Challenge is on a Medium/Hard Difficulty
File Size: 2.3 MB        File Type: .zip
Author: XJoueur50   

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!=!=!=!=!=!=! Please watch the mission briefing before playing: !=!=!=!=!=!=!

=== Operation Kihill Beach V2 ===
-Mission map for Zero Hour

For optimal gaming experience it is recommended that you wear headphones, install the gentools addon and use a 16:9 or 16:10 resolution.

Feel free to edit and share my maps with whoever you'd like, but please, if you do, write your changes to a changelog.txt file.

Make sure to play the Normal difficulty first, Hard and Brutal have a tendency to crash mid-game.

If you are going to record the gameplay of this mission, please include the mission briefing video in your video at the start!
Also if you record send me the video link, I'd love to watch. (contact info bellow)

------ KNOWN BUGS ------
Counters might not update to 0 when they actually are.
Game crashes may occur for unknown reasons in part 2 so make sure to save the game often.
Loading part 2 saved games can give errors/crashes if the save has been made near the end of the mission.
Invisible laser infantry.
Enemies will sometimes get stuck in a path and cause massive traffic.
Using 4:3 resolution may cause terrain rendering issues.

------ Thanks ------
Beng and Acidbrain for creating some of the code used in map.ini.
The whole cnclabs community for doing their best at helping others.
JCD Gameanater for helping out with the story, landscape, terrain, some map.ini code, playtesting and feedback.
Unknown Editor for playtesting, giving feedback, fixing the barracks icons.
PyroMusical, patrikb42, ReVeNGe, Lerosnn, Hijynks for playtesting and feedback.
M.P from SWR Productions for helping out with map.ini and modding.

Special thanks to John Megacycle and cncHD for being two awesome dudes!

(let me know if I forgot to add someone here as it is quite hard to keep track of so many people)

------ Contact me ------
Need help? Have a suggestion to make or feedback to give? Found a bug?
Or message me directly on Discord SkyMix_RMT#2570
File Size: 1.6 MB        File Type: .zip
Author: SkyMix_RMT   

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Map Name : USA 07 Remake China
Map Maker : EA
Modified by XJoueur50

This map is the seventh mission of the USA during Generals Campaign
But this time, you will play China instead of the USA

After a failed attack of USA against GLA and a Renegade China General, China have take the decision to intervene to get rid of this renegade general
Take control of the Red China and destroy the traitor base

Infos :

-Intro is the failed attack of USA on GLA
-Some defences have already been constructed
-Be quick ! The Traitor will use a Nuclear Missile to destroy us
-Watch out of enemy reinforcements ! The Traitor will call sometimes support
-The Entire China Arsenal is available

Map Reviewed:6/9/2018
Date Submitted:6/8/2018
File Size: 309.7 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 1
Author: XJoueur50   

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Seattle Counterattack's map is based on the first China mission of Zero Hour

USA Come Back is a fan-campaign made by XJoueur50

Plot of USA Come Back : This campaign start 1 year after the Chinese Victory in Hamburg, Germany
The World believe that GLA was finally destroyed but it's wrong. In May 2018, GLA Forces launched a attack in the United States specially in the West Coast
This attack affect US military forces and they were obligated to retreat
One month later, US Forces decides to make a counterattack on GLA-oocupied West Coast.
This is where the campaign start : You are leading a counterattack on Seattle, the first city to be taken by GLA Forces
Due to heavily GLA Resistance in a Occupied USA base, your only solution is the use of a nuclear bomb to incapatiate the GLA
Win this battle & the USA is going to rebecome a Superpower

Info about the battle :

-The battle is located near Seattle at a US military base
-GLA Forces have reenforced their defences due to our attacks
-With this Nuclear Bomb Use, GLA is unable to use our power against us
-Don't destroy the US Command Center in the GLA-occupied US Base. We have to capture it. If it's destroyed, we fail our mission
-Our starting base is composed with Power Plant, few Patriot Battery and a Barracks
-Some US Resistance Forces have been located near the GLA-Occupied USA base, try to contact them

It's only the first mission of USA Come Back, the next missions will come the next weeks
File Size: 524 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 1
Author: XJoueur50   

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GLA 01 Remake USA

Remake of the First GLA Mission of Generals
Instead of playing the GLA Forces to destroy the Dam, you will play in fact US Forces

Time to see this mission with a different point of view

Info :

-You can't build Airfield
-When you have your base, Paradrop 1 is granted to you
-China forces have been increased with Gattling guns at their bases and the road of the Dam have been reenforced with Emperor
-EastSideForces is composed with Ambulance, Humvee & Crusader

Date Submitted:3/16/2018

File Size: 474.8 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: XJoueur50   

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Name: SuperBoggyGoverlord v1,
Date Created: 11/4/2017
Last Updated: 11/11/2017
Made By: FireRainV {GameRanger: {"-Fire[R]ainV^"}}

How To Play?
1) All players need to be on the same team (No AI Player Needed).
2) The map allows up to 8 players to play.
However, the starting place is too small to fit all of you but you can also build outside.
There's Supply Pile per every player (3 players = 3 Supply Piles) worth 30K per one.
3) The Objective is simple, DEFEAT YOUR ENEMIES!
(The GLA, USA & China choosed to work together to beat thier worst enemy, The Players!)
4) General Powers are unlocked with time.
5) Setting the starting cash to $5000 will award you with the cheatcode of infinite money!

Difficulty: Hardcore!
The AI has NEAR-INFINITE money.
The AI spam ENDLESS amount of units (not including dozers/workers).
The AI re-build everything UNLIMITED amount of times!!! [Starting like the player].
(Command Center re-build once & SW re-build twice)
The AI is smart attacking.
All General Powers are unlocked! (It takes some time).

About EasterEggs:
There are 3 different EasterEggs at this map:
1) The Overlord REVENGE: At the bottom-right corner of the map there's a overlord very damaged.
This overlord is same as any other overlord. however, when destroyed, the GOD OVERLORD at the red
area of the map will start attacking anyone with max upgrades guns and all SuperWeapons!
If you triggered this overlord, you will also have to beat it to win the game.
This overlord going from base to base and rekt everything for 12 minutes long!
After 12 minutes the overlord GOES SU... (no spoilers xD)
After that, the Super Weapons attacks stop and it varnearable to damage including stealing.
You can take the overlord's child to his father to get 20K hitpoint MAXED overlord without the SW.
(Both Overlords cannon be transported by anything to make things fair)
2) BOGGIES (Rocket Buggy): At the middle-right of the map there's a Ox which can be killed
(Use AOE Force-Attack).
When killed, a rocket buggy will spawn at the TOP-MOST of the beach unmanned (Sniped).
When controlled, a spawner will spawn at the red area of the map which will spawn ENDLESS
upgraded rocket buggys which will guard your rocket buggy.
If destroyed, all buggys will get destroyed (1 for All).
3) SUPER DOZER: At the players' base there is a big supply pile which can be targeted and destoryed.
(You should wait until the supply pile is empty).
When destroyed, a nuke with harmless radiation will blow up in there and after 7 secounds,
an unmanned (Sniped) dozer will spawn there.
The dozer is useless unless the Nuke General nuclear reactor at the top-middle of the map was
captured by any player.
When the dozer is active, it will allow you to build any type of base defenses and Super Weapons.
The supply center includes some different upgrades for your defenses and other EasterEggs.

Good Luck & Have Fun! :)
File Size: 99.6 KB        File Type: .zip
Max Players: 8
Author: FireRainV   

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