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-----Mountain Guns-----
A mission for Zero Hour

"Please read the mission brief that comes with the game before playing"

You play as Colonel Burton who has just crashed his plane in the Himalayas and has to find his team, then escape these treacherous mountains from the GLA.

Known Bugs:
-When playing this map for the First Time, Pathfinder’s & Colonel Burton’s weapon may not function after reaching the plane and gaining radar.

-While playing this map or restarting, there is a small chance that your game might spontaneously crash. Save often to prevent data loss.

This map is the sequel to The Western Front and the prelude to Secret Mountains. And part of a new storyline.

With a special thanks to SkyMix_RMT for his feedback and playtesting. AdrianeYves[DeathScythe] for your great support, testing and guiding me through the final stages of development, and to UnknownEditor for your own modifications and creative input. Thank you C&C labs and all the people there for posting bug fixes and INI modifications.

And, always, thank you Beng and MajorDamage.

------To Contact me------

Do you need help during the game? Found a bug?
My email address is:
Or get a quick reply on Discord: Newgate#0636

Feel free to take what Modifications you need as long as you credit me.
This map and INI was made by Ben Burgoyne, AKA Newgate.

Date Reviewed:1/11/19
Date of Submission : 1/10/19
File Size: 593.7 KB        File Type: .zip
Author: Commander Newgate   

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