C&C 3 Tiberium Wars: Factions: The Scrin: Structures

The Scrin structures are an interesting bunch. Although somewhat expensive, they are some of the best in the game.

Drone Platform
This is akin to GDI and Nod's Construction Yards. It handles all Scrin building construction.

The Reactor powers the Scrin base. It can be upgraded later in the game with Fusion Cores to double its power output.

The Portal is where Scrin infantry are produced. In the game's story, they teleport in from the Mothership.

The Extractor is where Scrin Tiberium Gatherers drop their haul. Unlike Nod and GDI, one Extractor can store all the Tiberium the Scrin will ever need, so there are no Scrin Silos.

Warp Sphere
Similar to a Portal, the Warp Sphere is where Scrin vehicles are produced. It can also repair nearby friendly vehicles.

Gravity Stabilizer
The Gravity Stabilizer handles all the Scrin's aircraft needs. It has four landing pods for Stormriders, and also produces Devastator Warships, Drone Platforms, and Planetary Assault Carriers.

Nerve Center
The Nerve Center is the Scrin's mid-level tech building. It allows access to more advanced technologies, including air units and defenses.

Stasis Chamber
The Stasis Chamber is the Scrin's infantry Tech Center. It is required for high-level infantry units like the Mastermind, and provides access to infantry-based support powers.

Technology Assembler
The Technology Assembler is one of the Scrin's most advanced structures. It allows access to the highest level units and structures in the Scrin arsenal.

Signal Transmitter
The Signal Transmitter allows access to advanced support powers and units. The Scrin Mothership is deployed from this structure.

Buzzer Hive
A low-level defense, the Buzzer Hive sends out swarms of Buzzers to attack nearby enemy units. Any killed Buzzers are replaced by the Hive.

Photon Cannon
The Photon Cannon is an effective defense against enemy ground units. It quickly sheds through infantry, and is effective against light and medium vehicles.

Plasma Missile Launcher
The Plasma Missile Launcher fires a series of plasma projectiles at enemy aircraft. It is quite deadly against aircraft that get too close, but helpless against all other types of units.

Storm Column
The Storm Column is the most advanced defense in the game. It creates a localized Ion Storm that damages enemy vehicles and aircraft, and gives an armor boost to Scrin ships.

Rift Generator
The Rift Generator is the Scrin's superweapon. It allows the player to create a large tear in spacetime every seven minutes, damaging or destroying all that lies within the radius of the tear.

Growth Accelerator
The Growth Accelerator is placed in the center of a Tiberum field. Once built, it accelerates the growth of the field, allowing more efficient harvesting.

The Foundry is the Scrin equivalent to the Crane; it allows for another structure production queue.

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