C&C 3 Tiberium Wars: Factions: Nod: Units

Intelligence reports have provided the following information about units for The Brotherhood of Nod. 

Militant Rifle Squad
The Militant Rifle Squad is Nod's basic unit. Each member of the squad carries a machine gun.

Militant Rocket Squad
The Militant Rocket Squad serves as Nod's anti-tank and anti-aircraft infantry unit. Each member carries a rocket launcher.

Fanatics are suicide bombers so dedicated to Nod's cause that they are willing to give their life for it. They are effective against structures and slow moving vehicles.

Shadow Team
Nod's Shadow Team is a group of infantry all armed with hang gliders and explosives. They can move quickly around the map and place explosive charges on enemy structures. They're also effective against enemy infantry. Training Shadows requires a Secret Shrine.

Black Hand
The Black Hand is another one of Nod's elite infantry. Armed with flamethrowers, Black Hand squads are effective against other infantry, and can clear enemy units from civillian structures.

The Commando is a stealth infantry unit. She moves quickly around the battlefield, slaughtering enemy infantry and destroying structures in one shot with her explosive charges. Only one can be trained at a time.

The Saboteur is Nod's counterpart to the Engineer. He can capture enemy structures as well as mech husks. He is stealthed when standing still.


The Harvester is the lifeblood of Nod's economy. It picks up Tiberium and brings it back to the Refinery. The Nod Harvester is stealth.

Raider Buggy
The Raider Buggy is a fast, lightly armored unit. It is effective against infantry and aircraft, and is useful for scouting.
Attack Bike
The Attack Bike is similar to a Raider Buggy, except that it is armed with a missile launcher. It is lightly armored, but moves quickly to compensate.

Scorpion Tank
The Scorpion Tank is Nod's main battle tank. While not as heavily armored as a Predator or Mammoth, they are relatively inexpensive and still quite strong, especially in groups.

Flame Tank
The Flame Tank is essentially Black Hand units on wheels. The flame weapon is effective against enemy infantry and structures, and can clear garrisoned units out of civillian buildings.

Stealth Tank
The Stealth Tank is an excellent hit and run unit. It fires a volley of potent missiles against both land units and structures, as well as aircraft. When not firing, it is completely hidden from enemy view.

Beam Cannon
The Beam Cannon is Nod's long-range artillery unit. Although it is lightly armored, it can stay far from the front and still attack other units, especially if nearby Venoms are spotting targets.

Nod Avatar
The crown jewel of the Nod army is the Avatar. It is a huge mech unit, capable of dealing immense amounts of damage. In addition, it can also rip parts off friendly units and weld them onto its frame. With this ability, it can become stealth, use flame weapons, gain secondary lasers, and more.


Venom Scout Craft
The Venom is a light attack aircraft. They move quickly and are lightly armored, but are still useful in groups. They can spot targets for Beam Artillery units, allowing those units to fire much further.
Vertigo Stealth Bomber
The Vertigo Stealth Bomber is an excellent aircraft. It moves quickly and stealthly and drops a powerful bomb capable of doing a great deal of damage. It is especially effective against structures. It is also armed with a gun turret that can fire at other aircraft.

VTOL Carryall
The Vertical Take Off and Landing Carryall is the aircraft summoned to pick up Nod units and transport them around the battlefield. Each use of this ability costs 500 credits.

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