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Mission POW Capture
Single player mission for Zero Hour 1.04.

You don't have much money so you have to capture prisoners for ransom.

Use your prison to build POW trucks. The POW trucks are affected by these upgrades:

Flashbang: Gives the POW truck a tranquiliser dart weapon that makes enemy infantry surrender to you. You can then collect their ransom money using the POW truck and bring it back to the prison to deposit it there.

You can switch between this dart weapon and a general purpose machine gun.

AP Bullets: machine gun does 25% more damage.

Camo Netting: This will not stealth the POW truck but it enables it to disguise as a vehicle, like a bomb truck.

The POW truck has 6 transport slots for infantry or vehicles, useful for smuggling units into the enemy base when his patriot batteries have been sabotaged.

Hints: when you cross the bridge to the enemy side of the river, the enemy attacks on your base become stronger.

There are some hidden goodies around the map, try garrisoning buildings to look for them.
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Max Players: 1
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