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USA 03 - Remember the Reagan
Briefing :

The success of our operation in Morocco have bring hope again to our country to fight the GLA ! By capturing Al-Amir Benkali and his stolen nuclear missile silo, we are now officialy in war against the GLA after we announced publicly our will to fight with our chinese allies.
China and his president also thanks us to see us "back on tracks" and to have recovered the nuclear missiles in Morocco.

Our old naval base in Crete that the Greek government agreed to reopen was attacked by the GLA forces ! This is where they take control of
one of our Particle Cannon and used it against our forces but also against the USS Reagan, a event that we can't forget. At this
moment, we have learned that this Particle Cannon was moved from his original location to a unknow one but we know that it's still in
the sector.

See more in the ReadMe file

-Return to the US Naval Base on Crete as the GLA has taken control of the island
-Some surprise will happens during your mission !

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