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Agents of Shield
-----Mountain Guns-----
A mission for Zero Hour

"Please read the mission brief that comes with the map before playing"

It's been a while since The GLA War became the next World War, and China seems to control most of the earth. Now, their command base in the Pacific Northwest of America poses a huge threat to the United States and needs to be dealt with immediately.

We have only one advantage; our technology is now vastly superior to that of the rest of the world. The Agents of Shield will take part in this operation, and with them the world's most brilliant invention yet.

This map is a mini-mission of the USA Campaign and happens before USA Mission 5 End’s Conflict, and is part of Newgate's Continuation Series.

With thanks to my testers:
Major Damage, SkyMix_RMT,
Adriane [Deathscythe], Unknown Editor,
General Adam [アダム将軍]

And to Unknown Editor for some of the code

Thanks to spyVspy and Beng for inspiring me with their amazing work. And last but not least, a special thank you to Major Damage.

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Feel free to take any code you might need, provided that you credit me.
This map and INI was made by Newgate, and it was a lot of work!

Date submitted: 4/16/2020
Date Reviewed: 4/18/2020
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Author: Commander Newgate   

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