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Operation Kihill Beach V2
!=!=!=!=!=!=! Please watch the mission briefing before playing: !=!=!=!=!=!=!

=== Operation Kihill Beach V2 ===
-Mission map for Zero Hour

For optimal gaming experience it is recommended that you wear headphones, install the gentools addon and use a 16:9 or 16:10 resolution.

Feel free to edit and share my maps with whoever you'd like, but please, if you do, write your changes to a changelog.txt file.

Make sure to play the Normal difficulty first, Hard and Brutal have a tendency to crash mid-game.

If you are going to record the gameplay of this mission, please include the mission briefing video in your video at the start!
Also if you record send me the video link, I'd love to watch. (contact info bellow)

------ KNOWN BUGS ------
Counters might not update to 0 when they actually are.
Game crashes may occur for unknown reasons in part 2 so make sure to save the game often.
Loading part 2 saved games can give errors/crashes if the save has been made near the end of the mission.
Invisible laser infantry.
Enemies will sometimes get stuck in a path and cause massive traffic.
Using 4:3 resolution may cause terrain rendering issues.

------ Thanks ------
Beng and Acidbrain for creating some of the code used in map.ini.
The whole cnclabs community for doing their best at helping others.
JCD Gameanater for helping out with the story, landscape, terrain, some map.ini code, playtesting and feedback.
Unknown Editor for playtesting, giving feedback, fixing the barracks icons.
PyroMusical, patrikb42, ReVeNGe, Lerosnn, Hijynks for playtesting and feedback.
M.P from SWR Productions for helping out with map.ini and modding.

Special thanks to John Megacycle and cncHD for being two awesome dudes!

(let me know if I forgot to add someone here as it is quite hard to keep track of so many people)

------ Contact me ------
Need help? Have a suggestion to make or feedback to give? Found a bug?
Or message me directly on Discord SkyMix_RMT#2570
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