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— Wednesday, December 24, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 8:31:20 AM ET

Generals World is Looking for Staff

Hello everyone, its been a while!  I haven't had time to work on Generals World the past month, but now I'm on Winter Break (as mentioned by Luckie) and I've got some spare time, so I figured I'd kickstart a recovery with this news post:

Generals World is currently looking for new volunteer staff members!  We need your help!  We're looking to expand our content and our downloads, and increase the frequency of news updates.  Here are some of the staff positions we're looking for:

  • Content Manager
    • Content Contributors
    • News Updaters
  • Download Manager
    • Map Testers
    • Map Creators
  • Graphics Artist

For full information about and descriptions of these positions and more, please visit this forum topic.

Some of the new content we're looking on adding includes articles (opinion and other), strategies, tutorials, walkthroughs, and more.  We're also hoping to add a Zero Hour maps downloads section and to increase the number of downloads we have in other areas.

For information on how you can help out Generals World as a staff member, click here.  That forum topic also has information about how to apply to join the staff team.

Thanks everyone, and have a happy holiday season!