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— Friday, October 3, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 5:01:30 AM ET

CnC Matrix is Back

CnC Matrix is back online after switching servers.  Here's some of what Malc had to say:

Hey guys, as you can see we're back. Unfortunately a simple situation got complicated (thanks to my host) and then a £88 fine for going over bandwidth resulted in me deciding that enough was enough I had to find a new host and here we are :) as you can see not everything is back yet but it is slowly all coming back online. Once everything is back online ive got some screens of some new never seen before SecondWave units plus a bunch of new Generals maps ill also be working on converting my current maps to ZeroHour so stick around.

Head on over and pay Malc a visit - he deserves it.  After all, he did have to pay £88.

In other news, CnC Series has some nice Zero Hour Walkthroughs by Vandal.  Check them out if you're stuck on a particular mission.

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