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— Saturday, February 1, 2003 —

Posted By: Luckie at 11:52:31 AM ET

US Space Shuttle

Latest news via VOANews.com:
The U.S. space shuttle Columbia has broken apart over Texas, minutes before it was scheduled to land in Florida, killing all seven astronauts aboard including the first Israeli astronaut. U.S. space agency administrator Sean O'Keefe told reporters at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida that it was a tragic day for NASA, the crew members' families and the nation.

Our hearts at CNC Generals World go out to the families of of the astronauts killed in the disaster, to all of NASA, to Isreal, to the three astronauts remaining on the spacestation, and to anyone touched my this large mishap. If there is a silver lining behind this tragety, let it be the fix of any future similar problems, a growing tie between the US and Isreal, and a renewed interest in outer space travel.