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— Tuesday, January 28, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:38:32 AM ET

Community Update

It's that time again!  Here are all the latest updates from around the CNC Community:

  • CNCSeries has an article about communication in Command & Conquer games written by Ash.  It's titled Communication in C&C.  Here's a snip of that:

How important is communication? It does, after all, require effort, and that is something many people just can’t be bothered to put in. Well, it does unlock an entirely new set of strategies, for a start, and in team games will almost guarantee you a victory. Five tanks are potent enough, but when the drivers of those five tanks have arranged their targets and priorities beforehand and don’t waste a second of their time, it’s even more of a danger. Case scenario – two snipers cover an entrance, two enemies enter. The pair who have their sides well organized take out a target each, threat negated. The pair who don’t talk at all target the same person; one enemy breaks through. That’s a pretty simple example, but you get the idea. Obviously it’s harder with multiple enemies.

  • Renegade Generals has received some information about the ladder kit, and how ladder games will work in Generals (certainly different than before).  They've also posted up pictures of all of the different parts of the Officer's Club package, since it will be only available within North America.  These images include tech trees, gameplay strategies, a picture of the Officer's Club orientation letter and a picture of the Officer's Club CD.  Anyway, here's the details about the ladder:

- Players who win a ranked game will recieve 3 points.
- Players who lose/surrender/disconnect will not recieve or lose any points.
- Ladder admins will be able to password the ladders for a closed ladder if they wish. They will also be able to choose if the players can choose maps and factions manually or if they will be choosen randomly.

  • The European Generals Website has posted an online Generals "card game."  Head here to check it out.
  • CNC Matrix has posted the Chinese Nuke Cannon as their "unit of the day!"  Pay them a visit to have a look at this weapon's capabilities.
  • Morphious of GenEdit2k reports that they've been sent information about a new singleplayer infantry unit that cleans up hazardous materials.  Head over there to see a screenshot of the unit.

So there's the latest news.  Get surfin'!