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— Thursday, January 23, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:10:31 AM ET

Expansion Pack Confirmed!

Thanks to CNCDEN for the following information.  A new interview video with Mark Skaggs has been released on GameSpot Complete.  Lion from CNCDEN said that the following important information was contained in the video:

-Mark Skaggs said as soon as C&C Generals hits retails shelves, the EA Pacific team will get to work on an Add-On for the game. Yes, that means an expansion pack IS in the future for Generals.

-Mark stated that fans can expect "more and fuller support" than with past games.

Sounds like great news to me.  However, I should also note that it is now unknown if the map editor will be released before Februrary 11th.  It has been confirmed though that it will ship on the Generals CDs.