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— Thursday, January 16, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:07:03 PM ET

Community Wrap Up

Hey everybody... Generals sites have been real busy lately, posting all sorts of new things, from the usual wallpapers and articles to hidden and old Generals units.  So without further ado, I present to you the latest community news:

  • Lion from CNCDEN has done a bit of a background check on Amer Ajami, associate producer of Generals and new Official Generals Forums moderator.  Here's a bit of info (head to CNCDEN for the rest):

Amer Ajami has been writing about games since 1995. He started doing simple reviews of user-created maps for Duke Nukem 3D and eventually cofounded a pair of gaming and hardware-related Web sites.

  • Amer, when asked on the Official Message Boards about the World Builder's release date, replied:

Hey guys,

No word on the World Builder yet. We should know more by next week.

Amer Ajami
Associate Producer

  • The EA Store is now offering the Officer's Club Kit as a purchasable item for $4.95.  Click here to see what's included in the kit.
  • Computer and Video Games has interviewed Generals producer Mark Skaggs.  You can read the interview here
  • CNC Universe has posted scanned pages from the PC Powerplay Magazine's February 2003 preview of Generals.  The preview doesn't contain much new info, but you can head here to check it out nonetheless.
  • CNCNZ has posted a new article on Westwood Online and bad behavior.  You can head here to read the whole thing, but first, here's a snip:

Back Stabbing: In Custom games for some insane reason some players just turn on their allies and destroy them before they can react. Another version of this is too build 10 Nuke Reactors in the allies base and just leave the game, completley destroying said base. This is completley uncalled for, almost always makes you lose the game and makes you unlikely to forgive this person.

  • Planet CNC's Beta Center has been updated with a bunch of new screenshots and an interresting battle story.
  • CNC Sector has a new Generals wallpaper up.  Click here to check it out and download it.
  • Screenshots of hidden, old, and no longer used units!  Renegade Generals has gotten a screenshot of a battle ship.  You can find that along with a few other neat singleplayer screenshots at the top of their Screenshots page.  Also, GenEdit2k has been posting screenshots and W3D images of hidden and scrapped units for the past five days.  They've got several images posted, so definitely head here to check out unit that you've probably never seen before.
  • CNC World is currently down for updates, and they're looking for people people to help out with the site.  Visit CNC World for details.
  • CNC Uprising is looking for staff!  They're looking for staff to do content for Renegade, RA2, YR, and Tiberian Sun, along with other positions.  Contact them for details.
  • Community Team has two brand-new singleplayer screenshots, featuring a more classy command bar and more.  The screenshots can be found here and here.
  • And last but not least, CNCGenerals.info (German) has found two other singleplayer screenshots from IceBird.net.  Click here to check em out.

If you've actually read all of this through, then I must say I'm impressed.  I'm going to try to stay on top of the news more from now on, so that I don't have to do huge roundup posts like this as often.