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— Wednesday, January 15, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:13:38 PM ET

Delphi Leaves Generals Duties

This message was sent along by Delphi:
Hello Community,

As of today I will no longer be handling the community management aspect for RA2, Renegade, and Generals.

What does that mean? Simple, the guys over at Electronic Arts Pacific will be taking over all the community activities based around C&C Generals. Here at Westwood, the team will be looking to bring on a new community manager ASAP to handle both the RA2 and Tiberian series. Until the new community manager, here at Westwood, is on board and up to speed, webmasters are more than welcomed to send me an e-mail with questions or concerns. Those sites looking for Generals related info please contact Amer Ajami (associate producer) over at EA Pacific (details below).

Now many of you may be asking yourselves "What's next for Delphi?" Well, I have been given the opportunity to work for the development team on a next generation title being created by Westwood Studios. Sadly, I cannot talk about the project at this time, but I can guarantee you will be "VERY" surprised when it's announced.

I want to thank all the modders, webmasters, news updaters, and everyone who has help to shape the C&C community into the large network of sites it is today. Your hard work and dedication has always meant a great deal to us.

Westwood Studios
I'm sure we'll all be missing Delphi. He did a great job as community manager for Westwood. I'm also glad to hear that he's still working at Westwood. And to think they're already working on another "project" ... makes ya wonder.