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— Wednesday, January 8, 2003 —

Posted By: Mike at 12:09:41 PM ET

Classic Community News Post

Since we've been lacking community news recently, I'm doing a monster community news post.  Some of this news is going to be a few days old, so bear with me.

  • Shanahan has posted the latest balance changes in CNC Generals over at the Official Generals Message Boards.  You can read the post here.  He's also posted a second post, with more changes here.
  • Remember the Westwood vs the World tournaments?  Well Delphi has announced that he's already slated EAP vs the World to begin on Feb 21st at 10:00 AM and 5:00 PM PST.  More information is sure to be released later.
  • Active Reviews has posted a revew of CNC Generals with a few screenshots.  They gave Generals a 4 out of 5.  You can read the review here.
  • CNC Sector has new forums up.
  • Community Team (German) have posted two old high resolution Generals screenshots.  One shows an old China unit that was going to be in the game.
  • CNC Elite is holding a contest!  Here's the contest details:

1) If you submit your renegade skins to us or ra2 or yuri maps, we will review them and out the lot of files we get subbmitted we will pick the two creater's who made the best one and give them a following prize! By the way, this is a promise!

Prize 1: A copy of Generals when it comes out.
Prize 2: A copy of Ra2 or Renegade or £10 in cash.

  • Metal Gaming has a three-question Q&A with Dustin Browder, a CNC designer.  Head over there to check it out.
  • Shinano from CNC Universe has posted up a cool Generals screensaver!  It's 3.6 MB.  Head on over there to download it. CNC Universe also has that Beta Tester Chat log up.  You can read that here.
  • RA2 Warehouse has a new Generals article written by Billy.
  • Time of War (French) has posted up the requirements released by EA France for Generals.  They're a bit different than I had expected.
  • The EAP Generals Dev Website has been updated with the following post.  It mentions the World Builder for Generals, and a Voodoo Extreme poll!

Wow talk about being busy...it's been total crunch time here at EAP trying to finish Generals. We should have some files up soon for World Builder, but in the meantime Voodoo Extreme is conducting a readers’ poll – hit the site and give a vote for Generals!

  • CNCDEN has a few well Generals wallpapers up!
  • Transnote from Renegade Generals has posted a new wallpaper, sent in by one of their fans.  They've got a bunch of other great wallpapers too, so check out their wallpapers page.
  • And last but not least, less than 34 days until Generals is released!

Well that was one long community post!  As for Generals World news, a new wallpaper will be coming later tonight, and the GLA unit page will be online in a few days!  In the meantime, as Lion from RADEN says, give them sites some browser lovin'.  =)