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— Friday, December 20, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 9:26:54 AM ET

Generals News

Here's the latest CNC Generals news.  Firstly, the CNC Generals Developer Underground website has been updated.  All the images now work, and their FAQ has been updated.

Secondly, the "final" Generals box artwork has been released, thanks to CNC Universe for this.  It is similar to the older version, except the new version is more "battleworn."  It comes in two versions.  A 56K friendly version, and a huge high-resolution version.

Lastly, the official Generals logo has been released.  It comes in both a .jpg version and a Photoshop .psd version.  I've added a new Downloads page to our site: Miscellaneous.  The Photoshop version has been added to that page.