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— Wednesday, October 23, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:43:08 PM ET

Multiplayer Test Information

Here's some information about the Multiplayer Test, sent out by Shanahan.

Welcome Soldiers!

All of the acceptance e-mails have been sent out, congratulations to those who made it!
As you know from my previous postings, it was a huge task just to sift through all the registrations, checking for bad information, multiple signups, and invalid mailing addresses, so thank you for your patience. Most everyone filled out the application correctly but there were a few that forgot vital information such as e-mail address or mailing address...DOH!
While I was narrowing down the final participants, I asked the team if they wanted some extra time to spit shine a few features and double time some last minute balance changes before the official public inspection by you, the newly recruited Generals. Being the passionate professionals they are, the resounding answer was "YES!", their dedication to give you the best possible experience has gone beyond the call of duty . Each and every one of the team members has been working through lunch and staying late on their own accord just because they really believe in giving you the best experience possible.
"So Shan, what does all this mean?"...glad you asked. What it means is while I finish up with the Senior Admissions Officer of the GIA (yes, those agency folk are slow) they are going to finish polishing/balancing a few things, so I will have the discs out to you a few days later than expected. I will keep you updated daily on the progress and let you know when the first stage of mailed discs is ready to go.
Once again, thank you for your patience and I know once you see the game you will forgive me for making you wait a bit longer! J

Top Secret Operative, GIA

Hopefully the wait for the test won't be too long. :)