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— Sunday, October 20, 2002 —

Posted By: talal at 2:39:45 AM ET

Renegade Skin Selector Released!

Hey, The renegade skin selector has been released at http://www.bfcommand.net/
Heres what they said:

So its finally done. The Renegade Skin Selector should now support all of the skins in Renegade (extras not included). With this latest release, which has been dubbed v1.3 Alpha Edition 2, all infantry skins are now supported, as well as all the weapon skins.

This project is more or less closed now, unless bug reports or new features (which are implementable, not some far out ones) are sent in or requested.

A big thanks goes out to Ash from CNC Series for pointing me to a list of all the .dds filenames at Renegade Skinners. It really helped finish the project.