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— Sunday, October 13, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:15:28 AM ET

QNA's with Chris (Delphi)

There's more Q&A's with Chris Rubyor (Delphi) out. They just don't stop, do they? Anyway, here's the latest:
Malc from Generals Bunker asked Chris a few questions about the Multiplayer Test:
Malc: Any idea yet when the MP Test volunteers will find out if they've been selected?
Delphi-EA: Within the week.
Malc: Have you got a aprox number of people who signed up for the test?
Delphi-EA: Not yet, we'll sort through and have it by Monday.
Malc: Will CD's for non us residents be sent out early to ensure arrival for the 25th?
Delphi-EA: Technical yes. But you never know with the mail or shipping companies.

And CNCSega (French) asked Chris these questions:
CNCSAGA: How will be the maps 5 of the test? With cities? With civil structures?
Delphi: The team is putting the final touches on them now. Players will see them shortly.
CNCSAGA: To return to the test, how long is going to last this test?
Delphi: Probably until December or until the team feels like the game is rock solid.
They asked a few more questions as well, so head to CNCSega for the rest of them.
For all of you who signed up for the Multiplayer Test, that's some helpful information.