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— Saturday, October 12, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 4:40:23 AM ET

Delphi Q&A's

There's been a lot of Q&A's with Delphi lately. Here's the latest two:
TsNod from the Official Generals Message Boards asked these questions on this thread:
TsNod: How are the MOD Tools coming along?
Delphi: Excellent! It's done just tweaking here and there!
TsNod: Multiplayer test for download or on CD shipment or Both?
Delphi: Will be shipped out!
TsNod: Will Pixel Shaders be in the Sage Engine?
Delphi: Yes
TsNod: Will damage affect the effectiviness of a building or unit?
Delphi: Nope
TsNod: Can you build a structure on varying terrain? For example, can I build a War Factory, even though there is a small hill or rock in the middle of where I want to place it?
Delphi: Almost anywhere depends on elevation!
Waraddict from CNC Series had a good-sized Q&A with Delphi as well. Here's a snip of that:
Waraddict: The Paladin Tank is now a normal sized one barrelled tank, but with a laser, is the cannon the standard type or could it be possibly an EM(Electromagnetic) Cannon?
Delphi: It's a defensive laser used to shoot down missiles and target nearby
I was wondering about that... glad to have it (at least partially) answered. Well, head to CNC Series to read the rest.
And last but not least, Furax from Time of War, a French fansite, asked these questions about the water in Generals:
Furax: In old screenshots, the water had a reflection effect. But now, the water doesn't seem to be the same.
My question is: In the first screenshot, was it the first version of the water, or was it a "PhotoShop effect"?
Delphi: It was the first pass at water, we are more pleased with the current version.