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— Sunday, October 6, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:11:46 PM ET

Weekend News Wrap

Don't worry folks; it isn't anything special -- just a good old "Community News" post in disguise. So without further ado, here's the latest news from around the CNC Generals community:
  • Renegade Generals, Gamers Infiltration, Generals Bunker, and CNCDEN all have new wallpaper/fan art up.
  • Generals Bunker has scanned in a new Generals preview from PC Gamer UK (no new info though). They also had a short Q&A with Chris Rubyor (Delphi):
    Jamie: If your team mate disconnects and his time runs out on the clock do you get to control all his forces and his massive base? =)
    Delphi: Nope
    That's one feature that I would have liked to see... but oh well.
  • Steve from CNC Universe also had a Q&A with Chris. Here it is:
    Steve: Will a creation and/or conversion tool be released to allow modders to create new models for units or structures in Generals?
    Chris: Still uncertain, the team will have this worked out by November.
    Interesting question... unfortunately he got a vague answer.
  • That about wraps things up for the weekend community news post.