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— Tuesday, October 1, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 1:15:45 PM ET

Information about the Multiplayer Test

Chris has been answering lots of questions about the Multiplayer Test lately. Here's all the latest Q&A's:
  • Generals Bunker has been looking through the Official Generals Message Boards, and has found several posts by Chris (Delphi). Here they are:
    Q: Have the webmaster's already been selected?
    A: They have already been selected and will be notified before the test begins.
    Q: What about a list of sites?
    A: Like the next game being developed at WW, my list is a closely guarded secret.
    Q: How will us forum members get in the beta?
    A: There will be a random drawing of reg numbers to determine who will get into the beta from the boards. I have yet to determine the number of slots. The members will be announced before the beta sign-ups though. Also i will be giving away slots at the Game Spy chat.
    Q: Will the webmasters know before the chat?
    A: No, they will know before the sign-ups though.
    Q: How will we get sent it?
    A: CD's will be mailed.
  • At WestwoodMW Aromanov asked Delphi if Generals will be at Cyber Cafes like Renegade was.
    Delphi: Yes it will. =)
  • Generals FTP has had a short Q&A as well:
    GenFTP: Will the game be "correctly" playable for 56k users ?
    Delphi: Yes. =)
  • Also, Morpheus from Statik Vision asked Harvard Bonin a few questions. Here's the first of them:
    Morph - What kind of online modes will there be in Generals (Battle, Meat Grinder, Co-Op, etc)

    Harvard - Presently we have TEAM (2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4), QuickMatch(tm) tournament, non tournament, and free for all.
    You can read another three questions here.

  • One final note. Chris has verified that the system requirements for the Generals multiplayer test will be as follows:
    128 MB RAM
    Geforce 2 or better