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— Sunday, September 22, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 3:16:52 AM ET

Info about Cheats in Generals

Chris posted this message about cheats on the Official Boards:
Any of you guys download the new map hack for War III? Hah!

The problem is in the code and our coders have learned a thing or two from Yuri's. Won't it be nice to have a message in Generals pop up on your screen notifying you when a player is trying to use a trainer? Now that's a good start. Heck won't it be even better when it's directly reflected on their record? Ladder admins and players can then "blacklist" these players from matching. Woot!

Blacklist? Oh yeah, Generals has a complete filtering system that will allow you to customize your matching options.


dont be so sure.. look at the official generals website. how "supported" is that!

LOL! It's a preview site, our full site is going live in just a few short weeks. LOL!
Chris also posted this message on this thread:
If cheats do happen to appear in Generals, the team is committed to fixing them. It will be nice though to see the message when someone is caught. I only wish Generals could take a picture of their face when it happens.
Let's hope that they live up to their promises about filtering about cheaters... it isn't that easy to outsmart the people who make online trainers. And it's good to see that they'll be changing the Official Site soon. You can read the thread that this message was posted in right here.