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— Tuesday, September 17, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 10:33:02 AM ET

Generals Gone Alpha

Community Team.de is reporting that Generals has gone Alpha. Alpha means that all of the features in Generals have been inserted, and that things just need to get fixed up. Here's the translation, courtesy of CNC Unvierse.
What we've been waiting for has finally happened. We've heard EAP sources, that C&C Generals went alpha yesterday. Alpha means the engine and the planned features are already in, and must only be tested. Nothing more seems to stand in the way of the planned release in January. The developers are confident in this assertion.
This is likely to be true. Chris will probably confirm or deny this sometime soon. In the recently released video of the 4th US mission, Harvard Bonin said that they were going to go to alpha "next month". The video, however, was filmed sometime last August, so that would make "next month" be September.