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— Tuesday, September 17, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 10:23:57 AM ET

Delphi Interviews

There's been several interviews with Chris Rubyor (Delphi) recently.
On this Official Generals Message Boards thread, Rolan asked Chris this question about the beta:

Rolan: Now any news on the official Generals Beta?

Delphi-EA: Actually from what the marketing peeps are telling me, an annc is going to be very soon.

More about the beta... Paradox from CNC Generals.com asked these questions:

Paradox: In a recent Generals video, Harvard can be heard mentioning the beta will take place "next month," if at all. Next month referring to October. Could you shed some light on how accurate this is?*
Delphi: Sounds accurate to me, but of course I can not pin a date to anything.

Paradox: What sort of audience do you expect the beta to reach out to?
Delphi: It will be limited in number, more details to be released soon.

Paradox: As of yet, what do you expect the rig specifications for the beta testers will be, taking the potential --even if minimal-- optimization the game will undergo in due time?
Delphi: Your machine will need to be 1 GZ or better for the beta.

From this thread, also on the Official Generals Message Boards, TsNod has asked these questions:

TsNod: Will there be an insider program/tourney, pre-order features like RA2 and Renegade?
Delphi: Sorry too early We'll know for sure by October.

TsNod: Is there any chance of an official ladder being made?
Delphi: Good question, the team is toying with the idea.

TsNod: Will we ever get to get an autographed copy of the game for a bit more money?
Delphi: It's really up to the marketing guys, so I won't know for sure until October or November. Top secret

TsNod: Will upgrades be used individually, or will an upgrade research upgrade all units of its kind?
Delphi: Units have different types of upgrades, some are specific to the unit type where as others are researched for all units.

TsNod: What kind of music do you all plan on using for CnC Generals?
Delphi: We will be using a new musician and new music types this time around.

TsNod: What types of terrains are there? Is there any Tundra like Terrains?
Delphi: Players will have access to snow, temperate, urban and desert. Now there are variations on these tiles so you'll get more than just one type of snow tile.

TsNod: If Rangers can rappel down the sides of buildings...How about cliffs?
Delphi: No rangers can't, but some special units can.

TsNod: Besides the map editor, what else is available for modding? Or is it all included in the editor? (Unit editing, etc.)
Delphi: With Map Editor, from a General perspective, map makers can create their own multiplayer, skirmish, and mission maps. They will also have access to scripting features and can edit the ini files of the units and structtures.
Map makers can put their own music and sound to the game which is done with scripting.

TsNod: What can the civilians do in multiplay games?
Delphi: Run and Scream. [Is being his usual self and keeping some info away]

TsNod: What are the specs that the demonstrations for Generals was used? Like what type of cpus were used?
Delphi: They used a 2.5 Gigs with 512 MB RDRAM and a GeForce TI 4600 128 MB. Most companies use machines like this to demo games.

TsNod: Will there be a World Domination ? And will it be like RA2's and Firestorms?
Delphi: At this time there is no information on game play of that type, there will be other multiplayer forms anyway.

TsNod: Will soldiers have programmed dodging manuevers for when under heavy fire. example: will they run for cover behind a rock or tree.
Delphi: Heh, how does that help against drones who can fire over the rocks.

TsNod: Will there be a female in the game
Delphi: Yeah the Hacker.

TsNod: Do you start off only building infantry and as your get further into the campaign you gain access to construct tanks and weapons of mass destruction?
Delphi: As the game progresses more units are unlocked.

Shady from CNC Uprising asked Chris these questions:

Shady: Will there be a chance of the System Req's for Generals being reduced in the future??
Delphi: Possibly, we won't know for sure until the game is fully optimized.
Shady: Renegade Patch and Nux server... When??
Delphi: No eta.

The community is keeping Chris busy as usual.