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— Sunday, September 8, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 2:50:00 AM ET

Community News

Here's the latest Generals and Westwood community news:
  • CNC Generals Nation is in need of staff!! They are looking for news updaters and feature writers. Click here to see the requirements.
  • CNC Universe has a ton of new screenshots from a DVD from a German gaming magazine.
  • Game Revolution has a new Generals preview. Two videos are included with it as well, but they are nothing special.
  • CNC Den has some new Generals wallpapers.
  • Generals Bunker has a picture of what might be the initial box art for Generals.
  • Over on this thread at the Official Generals Message Boards, a member of the EAP staff has leaked some beta details. Here's what was said:
    Shanahan-EAP: There will be a beta that everyone can register for. It will be limited though, not sure yet on the total number.

    A few things that make a good beta tester:
    1. Ability to communicate well
    2. Attention to detail
    3. Knowing the difference between "playing" the game and "testing" the game
  • In another recent post on the Official Generals Messageboards, Chris Rubyor (Delphi) posted the current system requirements for Generals:
    The bare minimum right now is:

    PIII 800
    128 MB RAM
    Geforce 2

    Presently running below this is not recommended.
    I just bearly make those... hopefully I'll get a new computer before Generals comes out