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— Tuesday, August 20, 2002 —

Posted By: Mike at 11:27:52 AM ET

Delphi Speaks

Sorry for not posting some of this earilier. I'm hard at work on our new layout, which will include a brand new downloads system and lots of administration features (for me and my staff ). Anyway, on Sunday Malc of CNC Matrix asked Chris (AKA Delphi) this question:
Malc: Are you giving a day or a week in which the Generals forums will go live?

Delphi-WS: Yes I will make my annoucement tomorrow. =)
Well, no announcement came yesterday. Malc asked Chris why there was no announcement, and he responded:
See now you know why I hate to giving dates. My announcement had to be postponed for a day or two.
Today however, Chris did post this message on the CNC Universe forums.
As for the beta, more details to come explaining in better detail the number of participants and when it will actually occur.

Sorry about the date, things never seem to pan out the way we want them to.

At this moment we are planning on having the official forums go live by this Friday. Also, we are having a huge press event at EAP tomorrow with tons of new screens shots expected to be released online shortly after.

I hope this helps. =)
As for the beta, Doc at XRA2X asked Chris if he could talk a bit more about Mark Skagg's exaggeration of a million beta testers for Generals. Here was the respose:
Doc: Westwood is going to have a beta for Generals which is going to involve millions of people?

Chris: No, if and when we do the beta it will be limited just like Renegade. Post launch though we will have millions of fans supplying feeback. Get it? =)
Hopefully the forums will actually be open by Friday this time . I'm anxious to learn more about this Generals beta test that will probably occur. Well, that's it for now.