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— Friday, September 11, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 9:07:42 AM ET

NEW Zero Hour Map ~ Village Desolation

Village Desolation

When Domino45 sent me his map and said that this was his first attempt at using WorldBuilder I wasn't sure just want to expect. I was pleasantly surprised! This Zero Hour map is very nicely detailed especially for a first map and offers some great game-play with city battles and sneak attack routes through the hills. He describes the map as follows.

This arid and desolate village finds itself between vast desert mountains, as well as in the middle of a raging battle. Most of the action is most likely to take place among the village itself, however there are 'back doors' located within the hills along the sides of the map which allow infantry and light ground vehicles to perform a more stealth approach to an enemy base. The map contains 8 oil derricks, allotted evenly throughout the map, as well as multiple small supply piles which can be found within the village or around trees throughout the map. Of course each base contains a supply dock too. Also, bunkers have been placed at strategic areas, and of course any building within the village can be garrisoned. You may also notice that one of the bases contains an asphalt ground, and is fenced off with watch towers guarding the entrances. I really hope you enjoy my first map of many!

Download Village Desolation

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