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— Monday, August 10, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 10:16:25 PM ET

NEW Generals Map: Frozen Twilight Flame

Frozen Twilight Flame
By Ground Demon

We are very pleased to feature the latest addition to our Generals map section, Frozen Twilight Flame. We love the custom scripting and are happy to see many of the sloppy areas and pathways found on Twilight Flame have been fixed on this all new winter version. Thumbs below will open larger shots.

Frozen Twilight Flame is an up-scaled version of EA's popular map, Twilight Flame. This skirmish and multiplayer map has been completely revamped in a winter environment with a nice river running through the center. Custom scripting brings random attack modes into play for a real AI challenge. I dare you to try 4 vs. 1 brutal AI! Enjoy.


Check out this custom revision of a popular EA map.  Frozen Twilight Flame

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