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— Friday, July 31, 2009 —

Posted By: Drummin at 9:07:56 PM ET

New map for Zero Hour: Nuclear Convoy

Nuclear Convoy
By: ZergSwarms

As a long-time member of our forums and a recent content contributor to CNCLabs, adding a great section about Generals Challenges for Zero Hour, Zerg Swarms brings us new Skrimish map that's a real BLAST to play. Although ZergSwarms is an experienced player, he's relatively new to World Builder yet has produced a really fun map to play. Must be all that game playing. The placement of Artillery Platforms and tech buildings in the nicely detailed center section is particularly good.  We look forward to seeing your next map!

A 4-player map containing a convoy of Nuke Trucks that wraps around every base and expansion. If one is triggered, it will trigger most or all of them to explode. Players must decide whether or not to begin the chain reaction, because it will effect each and every player. Buildings at the edge of each player's base are in danger of being destroyed should the chain reaction begin. Even careful players will be affected, because the Nuke Trucks are placed in such a way that they can destroy every Oil Derrick on the map. So weigh your options and be careful with your choice of weaponry! This map is intended to add a twist to the average gameplay.

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