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— Sunday, June 21, 2009 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 11:27:07 AM ET

Clarification on C&C 4 Newspost

Yesterday Mike and I reported that C&C 4, according to a survey, was to be an RPG-like conclusion to the C&C series. I want to clarify a couple points in response to questions from the community:

  • This survey was not sent to everyone on the EA's list. Initially, I did not receive it, and I have spent a lot of time in the community, etc. Mike, obviously the webmaster at C&C Labs and Generals World and another longtime community member, did however receive it. He subsequently forwarded it to me for my own verification. Had I not seen the survey myself, I would not have made the post. A survey exists, and we believe it is made by EA or someone working closely with them. The survey is hosted by 2CV, a 20 year-old UK-based research group, but the invitation sent from an EA email address in the EA style. I saw no indication in the survey that there was something lost in translation or that this was intended for a foreign group, as some have suggested.
  • When writing on something as critical as news on the next C&C game, I am by nature very cautious. Therefore, I wanted to be sure that I emphasized that this report was unconfirmed and only strongly suggestive. I don't look at those parts of my post as weaknesses, but rather careful writing. That said, I believe quite firmly that Mike and I have this story right, yet it is unconfirmed and--this far out from official announcements, much less release--very much subject to change. Realize that games change quite a bit after announcements (and even community summits). Remember the Red Alert Button from RA3 or the Seismic Tank from Generals? Treat this as some informed community guesswork based on a couple facts; the same sort of guessing happens in every lull between C&C games.
  • I suspect--and this is only my opinion--that this survey indicates what C&C 4 will be and that all of those features listed are at least tentatively planned for C&C 4. I suspect EA is strongly considering making C&C 4 the conclusion to the C&C series (though of course there are gaps in the story which can be filled in).
  • EA has not responded to my request for confirmation.

For those who say this survey doesn't exist, note that other community members on other sites have also said that they have taken it. Here are two images from it.

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