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— Tuesday, February 27, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 12:41:37 PM ET

New Poll and Poll Results

I updated the poll today. Here are the results from last time:
C&C 3 is nine weeks away. Based on what you've seen so far, EA...
Is doing an excellent job in bringing back the C&C 3 feel.
Is creating a game that will play nicely, but isn't a true C&C.
Is too caught up in particle effects and big-name actors to worry about the little details that make up a great game.
Is doing mediocre, and will produce a mediocre game, C&C or not.
Is doomed to failure. If it's not made by Westwood, it's no good.
It's too early to judge. We'll find out soon enough.
Total Votes: 312
I'm surprised at how many of you gave EA such high marks. Certainly there are those who think that if it's not made by Westwood, it's not a C&C. Of course, the question then is: What's a C&C? Command and Conquer is not a game company; it's a game. In that respect, it shouldn't matter who makes it, as most of you seem to agree. Judging the game on its merits, it certainly seems like a lot of the C&C elements are coming back in C&C 3. Thanks to all 312 of you who voted.

This next poll, and you can vote on the right sidebar, asks about the demo. What's the biggest flaw? The long lines or huge file size keeping many from getting it? The right click based system? Something else? Tell us!