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— Saturday, February 17, 2007 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 5:48:38 AM ET

Interview with Kucan

Joe Kucan, who plays Kane in all C&Cs, has been interviewed by Gamespot. He's the one actor returning to reprise his role in C&C 3 (hey, it helps to play a character who never dies). As is usual for him, Joe gives a mix of humorous and serious answers. Here's a snip:
Gamespot: Why do you think EA brought you back to appear in the new game? What do you think you bring to the role of Kane that a look-alike or sound-alike might not be able to capture?

Joe Kucan: The real reason they brought me back was because I'm cheap and easily persuaded to help move heavy pieces of scenery in between shots. In all seriousness, Mike Verdu, the game's executive producer, has made his enthusiasm for the original C&C series and the methodology behind his vision for the game very obvious from the start. He had an early love of the game even before he started working at EA, and when he flew out to my house to pitch the project, I could tell right away that he was a big C&C fan because he had my face tattooed on his chest. I thought that was sweet.
Read the full piece here.