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— Monday, June 19, 2006 —

Posted By: Luckie at 10:23:16 AM ET

Frank On eMusic.com

Frank Klepacki's newest album has finally made it to the land of emusic.com. I want to let people know because I'm not a fan of buying CD's since they scratch and I can't stand the DRM on ITunes downloads. eMusic has been around for a while now but they're offering a 25 song free trial that means if you're a Frank Klepacki fan, the album is free + 15 more songs to do whatever you want with. They also have his Command & Conquer albums so Check it out!

And yes, I know this sounds partially like a plug for emusic.com and in a way it is. However, what's wrong with promoting free C&C music without crippling DRM? Nothing when the mp3's are high quality! ;)