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— Wednesday, September 28, 2005 —

Posted By: Blbpaws at 2:26:26 PM ET

Recent Modding News

Time for a quick modding roundup:
  • Project Perfect Mod's animation contest ends tomorrow, September 29th. You can submit almost any kind of animation (building ones are the only kind you can't). More info here.
  • Even though CNC World Rebellion was cancelled recently, you can the old beta version at CNCNZ.
  • Cold War Crisis has released a new render and in-game shot.
  • Chronojam from RenAlert has posted up their changelist for version .9935. In .9935 there will be new maps, new weapons, a new vehicle (Phase Transport), numerous bug fixes and balance tweaking. Details at the site.
  • CNCDen has a new map (The Season's First Snow by mrp028) and singleplayer mission (Breaking Rank by Iron Man Maps) for Zero Hour.
  • An Act of War has several new renders and screenshots.
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